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How To Win at Slots
The online slots that play by your side can be exploited. You can even make some bankroll tricks to win more and more, and then you can use them to your advantage.

i play mostly video poker, but when i play slots, i play a lot of monopoly jackpot station at both the nickel and penny level. one of the reasons i like it is that you can have retrigger after retrigger in the bonus round… bonus rounds of thirty or forty spins are not uncommon… and that’s without even landing on boardwalk or park place.

it is a highly volatile machine, however. on the nickel machines, you can often spend three or four hundred dollars or more in between bonus rounds, if you have a run of bad luck.

during one saturday morning session about four or five weeks ago (after a long losing night), i was a hundred dollars in and i bumped my bet up to $3 (60 nickels) from the dollar i had been playing… and i hit the bonus round.


but i rolled disappointing low numbers and wound up with only 4 free spins.


first spin, i picked a 10X multiplier (yes!) and get… absolutely nothing on the spin. second spin, i picked 5X… not too shabby, but the spin itself returned nothing. third spin, i once again picked 10X and the spin returned the community chest feature… this is an interactive feature with a bunch of blank slates. you have to choose from five chests and the symbol inside the chest you choose populates on screen on the blank slates and you get paid accordingly.

Online Slots
Online Slots

normally, you want the “bonus” symbol… it either initiates the bonus round or – if you’re already in the bonus round – it’ll retrigger more spins. but i looked at the reels… there were a couple of wilds and a few of the dog, which is a very high paying symbol. and the dogs and wilds were strategically placed adjacent to my blank slates on active pay lines. at 10X, i figured if i picked the dog – or a wild symbol – i was in for a decent chunk of change, possibly enough to erase the losses for the night.

i picked the dog!

turns out, it paid out on only three lines, but there were five symbols across, so each line paid 1500 coins for a total of 4500 coins x 10 = 45,000 coins. those coins being nickels, it was a $2250 spin!

my fourth spin, i once again picked 10X and got absolutely nothing… and no retrigger spins, either… but i’m not complaining. who cares when you only get four spins in the bonus round, as long as one of those spins pays two grand?

(i took a check for 2K and $250 in cash.)


please share your slots story

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